Points Score


A point score system operates at Lake Illawarra Athletics Centre, which benefits athletes who attend regularly and participate in all events.

We run on 3-week program.

A detailed list of dates and weeks are in the calendar of events.

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots receive 1 point per event they compete in.  No times or distances are recorded.  They participate in play activities only.  End of season trophies are determined by participation and points.

U/6 to U/17’s

Every athlete that competes in an event is awarded points based on placing’s as well as improvement.
Where more than one (1) heat is required times will be used to determine overall placing’s.

Overall age champions may not be the athletes that places in all events as greater points are awarded for improvement in events

If an athlete is unable to participate in Friday night competition because he / she is sick or injured or is competing at another LANSW or ANSW sanctioned event over the weekend, a parent or guardian must notify the Recorder before the competition night. This may be considered when considering an athlete’s eligibility for Participation Awards.

Athletes who nominate to represent the Centre at any event conducted over a weekend by LANSW or ANSW will not be penalised if they choose not to attend competition on the Friday night immediately prior to the event.  These athletes will be given the same number of points for that week that they received the last time the same program (Week 1, 2, 3.) was run if they do attend and compete in the LAANSW or ANSW sanctioned event.

We use automatic timing gates so all athletes performances on the track will be recorded straight into the athletes Results HQ portal – Age Manager will record all athletes Field event performances on the results sheets which will be entered into the results HQ Portal either on the Friday Night or before the next weeks competition – Information on how to access the results portals was handed to each athletes at registration

In the Event of a Record an Age Manager or Parent must see the Announcer / Recorder who will get an Appropriate Official to Verify and Sign the Record, all records will then be recognised by the recorder at seasons end.

Participation Trophies will be awarded to Athletes who have competed at over 60% of regular Friday Night Competitions.

The Following Awards will be presented to Eligible Athletes at our annual presentation

Most Outstanding Athlete

Best performance by an athlete in the Under 9’s to 12’s

Best Performance by an athlete in the Under 13’s to 17’s

Girl and Boys Club Champion

Girl and Boy Personal Best Awards

Best overall performance by an Under 7 at Zone

Best Overall performance by and Under 8 Athlete at Region

Award for Competing at State Championships (athletes must compete at these championships to be eligible for an award)

Starters Encouragement Award

Club Championships Award (athletes must compete at least 60% of events over the 3 Weeks of the Club Championships)

Place Award in Age Group (1st, 2nd or 3rd) (must compete at least 60% of regular Friday Night Competitions)

Participation Awards (must compete at least 60% of regular Friday Night Competitions)

100% Attendance Awards

Senior Athlete of the Year