Mid South Coast Zone Grand Prix

The Mid South Coast Grand Prix series is contested over four (4) Carnivals hosted by Centres within the Zone each season.  The Albion Park, St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven and Lake Illawarra and Centres currently host these Carnivals.

Specific events at each of these Carnivals are designated as Grand Prix events.  Prior to the start of the season a document detailing the Grand Prix events for each age group at the various Carnivals is published.  (See download below.)  These events cover all disciplines.

Points are awarded based on placings for all Mid South Coast Zone athletes who compete in Grand Prix events.  To qualify for a trophy an athlete must have competed in at least 50% of the Grand Prix events for their respective age group.  The top three (3) point scorers in each age group over the four (4) Carnivals are awarded Grand Prix trophies.

Dates And Venues

Albion Park Gala Day – 30th October 2022 – contact info@aplac.org.au for an entry form or vist their facebook page as we havent received an official form as yet.

St Georges Basin Dragon Derby – 11th November 2022 – Dragon-Derby-2022.pdf (basinlittleathletics.org.au)

Shoalhaven Gala Day – 27th November 2022 – Gala-Day-Rego-form-2022-1.pdf (shoalhavenlac.com.au)

Lake Illawarra Summer Carnival – 8th January 2023 – LAKE ILLAWARRA LITTLE ATHLETICS (resultshq.com.au)

 Grand Prix Events

 Grand Prix Point Score System