Risk Management


Little Athletics NSW accepts that risk management is an integral part of good management practice. Little Athletics NSW is hence firmly committed to the systematic process of identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risks associated with its operation.

Little Athletics NSW recognises that such a process is vital in promoting a safe environment for members, officials, volunteers, spectators and all other relevant parties, while at the same time minimising potential exposure to financial and legal risks.

The LANSW Risk Management Plan aims to put in place a systematic approach to addressing potential risks, thus leading to a better managed organisation, and contributing towards the ongoing growth, success and viability of Little Athletics throughout NSW.

Download a condensed version of the Risk Management Action Plan which gives an overview of the objectives that LANSW has in relation to risk management and the strategies that it will use to achieve these objectives.



The LANSW Safety Plan provides a framework for those who have a duty of care to our Little Athletes. It has been designed to assist all centre committees, coaches, officials and volunteers in the development and provision of a safe and healthy environment in which young people can participate in Little Athletics.

The information is presented in the form of easily accessible summaries. Further information on some of the topics can be found by viewing specific policies and guidelines on this website.

Download a copy of the LANSW Safety Plan.



In line with it’s position regarding risk management, the LANSW has endorsed the following policies and guidelines. Click on the link to download the relevant documents.