Points Score


A point score system operates at Lake Illawarra Athletics Centre, which benefits athletes who attend regularly and participate in all events.

We run on 3-week program.

A detailed list of dates and weeks are in the calendar of events.

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots receive 1 point per event they compete in.  No times or distances are recorded.  They participate in play activities only.  End of season trophies are determined by participation and points.

U/6 to U/17’s

Every athlete that competes in an event is awarded points.

These points are broken down into the following:

Event Placing
Event Improvement
Personal Best
If they Broke a Centre Record
More points are awarded for improvement, PB or breaking centre records then placing’s.

All these points are added together for each event to determine our Pointscore place getter a the end of season presentation.

Athletes will be split into heats if required to allow for them to try an improve and so that they are not competing against the same athletes each week, times will be used to determine overall age group placing’s for each event.

In field events a count back will be used to determine placing’s if athletes achieve the same results.

Overall age champions may not be the athletes that places in all events as greater points are awarded for improvement in events.

Centre Championships

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots will not participate in Centre Championships point-score, they will still compete on the Friday nights but as there are no placings for events and will not receive a Centre Championships award.

U/6 to U/17’s

Athlete will be awarded points based on their performance (not placing) in each event of the centre championships, all points will be added at the end of the 3 round and the top 3 Athletes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd, all other athletes will receive a certificate of their achievements.