2018-2019 Region Championships

With the 2019 Regional Championships are fast approaching.

Here is some important information for Centres, Athletes and Parents.

Date 9th and 10th February 2019.

Venue – West End Oval, Griffiths

Starting time for both days is as follows

Call for officials – 7.15am

1st Events commence 8.00am

If you are unsure what you have qualified for visit http://www.lansw.com.au/Portals/44/Competition/Region%204%20qualifiers%20-%20by%20centre.pdf

The first 2 relay teams have also qualified for regional.

The Regional championships is a timed program (not before) and athletes are to be at the event/marshalling area at least 30mins prior to the event start time, a list of events and the start times are available via here,

We  have been allocated duties to complete over the weekend, the time roster is listed below

Regional Championships Roster
Team Manager Kellie and Rod Keen
Walks Judge Kevin McGarry
Rachel Callaway
Events Start Time Family 1 Family 2
14 Boys 8.00am Keen Ledbitter
10 Girls 9.10am Richards O’Neill
8 Girls 10.25am Peters McWilliams
12 Boys 11.55am King Quick
13 Boys 12.30pm Walchii
Event Start Time Family 1 Family 2
15 Boys 8.00am Hutchison Marriott
17 Boys 8.55am Schillert Ryan
9 Boys 10.05am Gillett Tebutt
11 Boys 11.20am Ivanovski Hosking
Multi Class 12.45pm Strecker
Dach Gamble Gowans

Additional regional information was posted on our Facebook Page

Progression to State


The first two (2) places will automatically progress to state (see exception below)*


Little Athletics NSW then selects the next best eight clear final performances across all regions.  Making a total of up to 24 athletes in each event at the State Championships.


** The exception to the auto qualifiers automatically progressing is if athletes fail to meet the the qualifying marks for the 1500m Walk, 3000m or High Jump


Qualifying Mark 1500m Walk and 3000m Run


1500m walks

Under 12 – 11.00min

Under 13 – 10.45min

Under 14 – 10.30min

Under 15 – 10.15min

Under 17 – 10.00min



Under 13 – 13.30min

Under 14 – 13.00min

Under 15 – 12.30min

Under 17 – 12.00min


High Jump

Athletes must reach the State Starting Height for each age group – more information can be found here


Weather – pack for all conditions, the regional championships will be held no matter what the conditions are, however events maybe postponed due to extreme weather situations and following the LANSW guidelines.


Athletes in the first block of field events will go directly to the event area.


Programs – Programs will be available for purchase across the weekend.


Regional Tshirts – Centre team managers will pick up your centres allocation and distribute it amongst athletes.


Live results – live results will be available throughout the weekend as per our Zone Championships via www.littleasresults.com